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ConnecMan is a puzzle game where you try to clear the board by connecting pieces with matching colors and symbols through straight lines. However, the path between them has to be free of obstacles and formed by at most three segments. There are many types of pieces, different types of blocks and 3 types of items to help you on your quest.

There are 25 puzzles in total, and after solving each one you learn a bit more about the language of an ancient civilization, which the explorer ConnecMan decided to call "Nisled". To solve some of the puzzles you will have to form small words in this exotic language!

Can you beat them all? Good luck!

Update - Version 1.1.1

Included Italian translation (thanks @albanobattistella)!

Update - Version 1.1.0

Now you have unlimited time to complete the puzzles. If the time is up, you only lose your score - and you can always come back to try and get a better score.

ConnecMan is open source. Check the repository here.


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Nice and fun puzzle game! I wish it had time-free mode, so that it could be playable slowly and without any rush or stress - just lazily thinking and relaxing with a cup of tea. Couldn’t get past lvl.4 for time limitation and wasn’t in the mood replaying the level a couple dozen of times to memorize the first moves…


Hey, thanks for playing and sharing your experience.

So, the time is used for scoring purposes... After you beat a level, you can always go back to try and improve your time to get a better score.

I will consider creating a time limit free mode, just can't promise anything :P

Or just get zero score - not end the game would be quite ok for me.


I see, that's another interesting alternative. I might do this soon, be on the lookout for updates. :)